LG's gigantic, flowing TV screen is a feast for the eyes

Mashable - Ray White - entertainment

Welcome to LG's "Massive Curve of Nature" installation.

YouTuber breaks down Ed Sheeran's formula for hits

Mashable - Harry Hill - entertainment

All you need to create an Ed Sheeran hit is a formula.

Hillary Clinton has the best response to Trump's 'ridiculous' speech

Mashable - Victoria Rodriguez - entertainment

Join her in raising funds for immigrants and refugees at the border.

Woodstock to return for 50th anniversary celebration

Entertainment Weekly - entertainment

Break out the tie-dye

Countdown star Rachel Riley tells George Galloway to 'f*** off'

Daily Mail - entertainment

Rachel Riley has told the left-wing politician George Galloway to 'f*** off' amid an ongoing row about alleged anti-Semitism in the Labour Party.

Ethan Hawke on how First Reformed fills our 'void of spiritual and political leadership'

Entertainment Weekly - entertainment

First Reformed star, who plays a conflicted priest in Paul Schrader's drama, tells EW how the film found an audience amid divisive political times.

Alexa Privacy Nightmares

Mashable - Mashable Team - entertainment

It's listening ...

May urged to stop MPs blocking no-deal Brexit by triggering ELECTION

Daily Mail - entertainment

EXCLUSIVE: MailOnline understands the PM is under massive pressure from senior ministers to face down Tory rebels threatening to kill off the government in order to avoid no deal Brexit.

Where is Heathrow's anti-drone tech? 100 flights grounded for an HOUR

Daily Mail - entertainment

EXCLUSIVE: The first video of the drone reveals how easily a rogue pilot paralysed Britain's busiest airport for an hour last night. Now, elite drone detectors have been called in to help stop them.

Scientists detect mysterious repeating signals from deep, deep space

Mashable - Mark Kaufman - entertainment

"We really don’t know what they are."

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