Kamala Harris kicks off presidential bid in Oakland

The Hill - Michael Burke - politics

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) on Sunday officially launched her bid for the presidency in 2020, kicking off her campaign with a speech touting unity and equality.

Stone indictment isolates Trump confidant

The Hill - Michael Burke - politics

Roger Stone, the longtime confidant of President Trump who was

Republicans distance themselves from shutdown tactics

The Hill - Brett Samuels - politics

Senate Republicans on Sunday described the freshly ended 35-day partial government shutdown as an ineffective and harmful tactic deployed to secure funding for President Trump’s proposed wall along the southern border.

Clinton not ruling out running in 2020: report

The Hill - Michael Burke - politics

Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, reportedly has yet to rule out running for the Oval Office again in 2020.

Trump cites 'ridiculous' costs of illegal immigration amid wall push

The Hill - Brett Samuels - politics

President Trump on Sunday asserted that the U.S. has already incurred nearly $19 billion in costs related to illegal immigration in 2019, and called it "ridiculous" that millions of illegal immigrants are living in the U.S.

Dem mayors pursue 2020 runs as solution to Washington paralysis

The Hill - Lisa Hagen - politics

Mayors considering presidential bids are leveraging themselves as outsiders and effective negotiators at a time when Washington is sharply divided.

Mulvaney: Trump will secure the border 'with or without Congress'

The Hill - Brett Samuels - politics

Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney said Sunday that President Trump will secure the southern border "with or without Congress," and did not explicitly rule out the possibility of another government shutdown in the

'Pardon me!': Steve Martin takes Roger Stone role on 'SNL'

The Hill - Kyle Balluck - politics

Comedian Steve Martin returned to “Saturday Night Live” for its latest episode to portray Roger Stone, a long-time confidant of President Trump who was

Trump returns to 'rampant' voter fraud theme following Texas investigation

The Hill - Brett Samuels - politics

President Trump early Sunday pushed questionable claims about Texas officials reviewing voter rolls to warn of "rampant" voter fraud" and advocate for "Strong voter ID."

Trump points to 'total phony conjob' dossier, 'fake news' in railing against Stone indictment

The Hill - Brett Samuels - politics

President Trump late Saturday railed against the indictment of Roger Stone, insisting that he did not work with his long-time confidant "anywhere near the Election" and complaining that the focus should instead be on obstacles&

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