Chrome will block spammy ads around the world starting July 9th

The Verge - Colin Lecher - technology

After launching last year in the United States, Canada, and Europe, Chrome’s built-in ad blocker will expand to every country in the world on July 9th, Google said in an announcement today.

Instagram now lets you regram your posts to multiple accounts

TechCrunch - Josh Constine - technology

Instagram is swaying the balance towards simplicity but away from originality. It’s adding the ability to publish feed posts to different accounts you control at the same time by toggling them on within the composer screen. An Instagram spokesperson confirms …

Vergecast roundup of new Google Assistant features

The Verge - Andrew Marino - technology

Dami Lee and Dan Seifert join Nilay and Dieter for part two of our CES coverage to discuss a range of gadgets from a laundry-folding robot to gaming PCs.

Twitter looks to improve events on Twitter with new publisher tools

TechCrunch - Sarah Perez - technology

Twitter says it’s going to make it easier for publishers to better understand what sort of content is resonating with its readers on the social network. The company this morning at CES briefly discussed a concept for a new publisher dashboard offering insight…

Dish TV network packages: monthly fees slashed plus more bonuses

TechRadar - Mackenzie Frazier - technology

For a limited time save on these Dish TV network promotions

This hole-digging drone parachutes in to get the job done

TechCrunch - John Biggs - technology

A new drone from the NIMBUS group at the University of Nebraska can fall out of a plane, parachute down, fly to a certain place, dig a hole, hide sensors inside it, and then fly away like some crazy wasp. Robots are weird. The goal of the project is to allow …

Put Alexa and a JBL speaker in your ceiling with this clever LED downlight

TechCrunch - Matt Burns - technology

This light makes the smarthome even more accessible. Installed as any other ceiling downlight,the June AI downlight features Amazon Alexa through an integrated JBL speakers. There’s a light in there too. The idea is great: make the smarthome invisible. Instea…

New Synergy Research report finds enterprise data center market is strong for now

TechCrunch - Ron Miller - technology

Conventional wisdom would suggest that in 2019, the public cloud dominates and enterprise data centers are becoming an anachronism of a bygone era, but new data from Synergy Research finds that the enterprise data center market had a growth spurt last year. I…

Astronomers find another source of repeating radio bursts from outside our galaxy

The Verge - Loren Grush - technology

Astronomers have spotted more than a dozen new pulses of radio waves coming from outside our galaxy, including a few bursts that stem from the exact same location in the sky. It’s only the second time we’ve found these weird intergalactic flashes, known as fa…

Baidu Cloud launches its open source edge computing platform

TechCrunch - Frederic Lardinois - technology

At CES, the Chinese tech giant Baidu today announced OpenEdge, its open source edge computing platform. At its core, OpenEdge is the local package component of Baidu’s existing Intelligent Edge (BIE) commercial offering and obviously plays well with that serv…

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